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New Chem dawg Strain Review

Strain Name: Chemdog Weed Strain

Kush Type: Indica

Origin: Nepalese x Thai

Breeder: Chemdawg Strain review

Chem Dog Strain effects are strong and long-lasting with a burst of cerebral effects that move into a state of couch-lock. It delights the user with a relaxed euphoria, leaving them content and uplifted.

Indica Dominant Hybrid Cannabis Strain – 55% Indica / 45% Sativa

Kemp Dog Strain has High THC level of 19%

Chemdawg aka Chemdog Marijuana Strain Information

With a near-even balance between sativa and indica (sativa/indica ratio of 45/55), Chemdawg marijuana strain information, also known as Chemdog, delivers on both fronts. A clear cerebral high drives creativity while a stony, sleepy body high fights insomnia and relaxes the muscles.

This strain has THC levels up to 19%, meaning it’s more potent than most. It has a powerful spicy, plant-like taste and smell with a hint of diesel; the aroma alone can alert snoopy neighbors to even a carefully concealed pot grow.

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chemdawg seeds

Not surprisingly, Chemdawg Marijuana for sale is used to produce Sour Diesel marijuana strain, one of the world’s most popular strains. Little is known about Chem dawg’s genetics, though there are urban legends involving a Grateful Dead concert, a handful of seeds, and a grower named Chemdog.

Best for anxiety and pain, this strain is also helpful with depression and ADHD, as well as migraines, arthritis, and PMS. Dry mouth and dry eyes are possible when using this strain, while other side effects are less likely.

Chem-dawg is most popular on the West Coast, in Nevada, and in Colorado. It’s possible to find on the black market but doesn’t come around very often.

Aroma: Diesel, Pine, Chemical

Dominant Terpenes: Beta-Myrcene, Beta-Caryophyllene, Alpha-Cedrene, d-Limonene, Alpha-Humalene

Connoisseur’s Choice – THC Championship 2017
People’s Choice – THC Championship 2017
3rd Place Medical Hybrid – THC Championship 2017

Chemdawg 91 has medium-sized buds that look slightly different from those of hybrid or pure indica lineage. Long and tapered rather than popcorn-like, the flowers have relatively loose and wispy leaves. The spring green leaves are covered in sticky white trichomes, lending buds a silver-white appearance.

Exotic Carts Chemdawg Cartridge

exotic carts chemdawg for sale

Due to the combination of their loose structure and resinous texture, Exotic Carts Chemdawg Cartridges for sale are particularly difficult to break up by hand – Verano Chemdawg 91 users preparing flowers for joints or pipes will have an easier time with a grinder.

Where can I buy Chemdog 91 marijuana strains?

The sticky flowers are threaded through with red to orange pistils. chemdawg and granddaddy purple aka Purple Chemdawg Strain has a smell reminiscent of diesel fuel (which many say is the source of the “chem” in its name). The pungent flowers also give off odors of earthy musk and some pine light bitter taste.

As long as flowers are properly cured, this strain has smooth smoke that tastes sour and when inhaled. On the exhale, Chemdog strain smoke betrays its signature diesel taste with an ammonia-like tang that hits the top of the palate.

The high from Chemdawg 4 Strain Genetics hits quickly, sometimes before users have had a chance to finish appreciating its distinctive diesel aroma.

This initially disorienting head high becomes more productively cerebral and introspective in the right set and setting. Unlike OG Kush, OG Chemdawg can lend itself to exuberant conversation descending from northern california with distinct diesel like aroma, chemdawg and alien technology with cali connection from sour and pungent og chem dog bud cannabis strain

Chemdawg flowering time

Chem Dawg strain likes a mediterranean climate and does very well in a greenhouse as well. Alien Chemdawg 91 flowering time of 65–70 days and will reward you with a nice yield of very potent buds.

Many users report a palpable sense of physical relaxation from purple chem although nothing near couchlock — leading to some speculation that Chemdawg has some indica in its genetics as well.

Chemdog and 7 strains that come from it

  1. Super
  2. Snow Dog
  3. Sour Diesel Strain
  4. Alien Dawg
  5. Stardawg strain
  6. Tres Dawg
  7. GMO Cookies
Chem 91 Sk Va Strain

Chem 91 Sk Va is the strain from the East Coast that is based on the genetics of Chem and Lemon Skunk Strain. The plant produces big yields of fragrant buds. It can grow high and needs training. The Chem 91 Sk Va develops a strong structure and thick stems.

Different Chemdawg strains

Differentiating between Chemdawg strains or Chemdog vs Chemdawg, makes some fans of alien dawg describe relief from chronic pain and migraines as well. Because of its potency and mental focus, Chemdawg has the potential to trigger the kind of manic, recursive thinking that can lead to paranoia.

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